Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

The spirit some of our recipients have is a constant inspiration to all of us at Free Wheelchair Mission. It motivates us to continue pushing for mobility through all of life’s challenges. There are 100 million people worldwide still waiting for their wheelchair. Daunting as the task is, with you at our side we push on. This week we journey to Botswana where we meet Ditiro, the husband:

Ditiro in BotswanaDitiro was forced to quit working after a car accident on his way to the mines left him paralysed. He had no way of getting a wheelchair—attempts to get one from government facilities were ineffective and it was too expensive for him to buy one on his own. But God made a way for him where there was no way. He could not believe it: the wheelchair was a dream come true and an end to so many of Ditiro’s afflictions. Before getting a wheelchair he could barely move around: with his wife out in the fields, Ditiro had no one to help him during the day. This gift came at a time that he needed it the most. It was a true blessing given and inspired by God’s love. He was utterly grateful for the support and tears of joy streamed down his wife’s cheeks—they simply couldn’t believe the love shown them [by the people behind the wheelchair].

As a miner, Ditiro was used to making ways where there weren’t any—digging holes into the earth certainly qualifies. Yet it seemed that there was no way he could get the wheelchair he needed. No way until you reached out and helped make one. Thank you for partnering with us: thank you for making a way where one never existed.


Don Schoendorfer

PS: We are in the midst of our 2nd Annual Big Push. As we strive to give 10,000 people the gift of mobility between now and March 31, please consider partnering with us to reach our goal.


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