Seriously. We love you guys.
Seriously. We love you guys.

We love our runners. There, we said it. And our volunteers—we love them too. And you know what we all love?

How could you not like these? (Photo by Anna Langova)
Photo: Anna Langova


(We assume that if you didn’t love mobility, you wouldn’t be on this blog; but not loving mobility is like not loving puppies or kittens. Do you not love puppies and kittens?)

When our volunteers and runners come together over their love of mobility, we get awesome stories like our Run for Mobility at the 2013 Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.


This team went bananas!--okay, we're really sorry about that.
This team went bananas!–okay, we’re really sorry about that.

We’ve partnered with Surf City for a long time now (eight years!) and everyone involved from the Surf City leadership, to the runners, to our neighbors at the expo, to our volunteers have been a huge blessing to us and to more than 35,000 people who have wheelchairs because of that partnership. This year’s event was no different.

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A small army of 70 volunteers, many from OVHS Interact, Western University, Delta Sigma Pi at UC-Irvine, and Zefr, Inc. woke up before the crack of dawn so they could be ready at the crack of dawn to help with manning water tables and info booths.


Although it was an early day and the hours were pretty long, our volunteers helped make the race a success and supported an amazing team of runners.

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110 people decided to run for mobility and they made their miles matter. Team Mobility Runners included Marina White (the youngest woman to finish 100 marathon races), former Olympian Ozzie Zea, and an entire team headed by Steve and Nancy Bray who ran dressed up as fruit and vegetables in honor of their juice shop, PorroVita in Newport Beach.

Thank you everyone!

All told, more than $100,000 was raised—an average of just over $900/runner—giving 1,400 people the gift of mobility! If you want to support the race (or sign up for 2014), you can by going to

To everyone who ran, volunteered, and supported their friends and loved ones for the race: thank you for your support!

Surf City Marathon!


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