Greetings and happy Friday Thursday! Sorry it’s a little late this week–

Over the next 40 days we are going to be inviting you to join us on a trip around the world to meet a few of our brothers and sisters during our 2013 Big Push to give 10,000 people the gift of mobility. Our Friday wheelchair stories are going to be from the countries we’re highlighting this year—with that in mind, I want to introduce you to Precious, the student, in Zambia.

Precious is a 14-year-old girl who was born with disabilities in her legs that left her unable to walk. Precious was always a top student in her class, but because she couldn’t get there on her own she had to be carried by family members. This became difficult for them as she continued to grow. The thought of having to stop attending classes was devastating for her and Precious constantly sought ways to make getting to and from class easier on her family. From being strapped to a family member’s back using a chitenge to building a wagon attached to the back of bicycle, they tried all kinds of different methods trying to find a solution to Precious’ mobility needs. A wheelchair was thought to be impossible because of the remoteness of the village where Precious and her family live. When Precious received her wheelchair she was very excited and her friends gathered around to push her all around the school. She continues to be top of her class academically and the wheelchair will greatly aid her in getting to and from school.

A wheelchair was thought to be impossible—but then you came along. You heard Precious calling and you answered her call. Thank you for answering her call. Thank you for allowing her to continue pursuing an education. Thank you for partnering with Free Wheelchair Mission.


Don Schoendorfer

PS—we are in the midst of our 2nd Annual Big Push. As we strive to give 10,000 people the gift of mobility between now and March 31, please consider partnering with us to reach our goal!


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