Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Wheelchairs are vehicles for transformation. It almost seems too obvious to state, but then again transformation can take on many different forms. This week’s story, from our partners in Vietnam, is a perfect example of just how multifaceted transformation can be:

Van PhanVan Phan was born in 1940 in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. After developing a neuromuscular disorder, he found movement very difficult and he started to suffer pain throughout his body. Thanks to the gift of a wheelchair his family can help him move much more easily and he was so grateful for the gift that he and his family plan on attending a cell group through the church later this week…For a long time there was persecution of the church in a nearby village. One day, a church member took a wheelchair application to the local government offices to get confirmation from them that an applicant hadn’t previously received a wheelchair and fell under state guidelines regarding poverty. When the government officer saw the application, they asked if the church had more wheelchairs for other poor people in the village. The church said “yes, of course,” and since then local authorities have been much more open to the congregation and their work in the community.

Transformation has many forms: Van Phan who can now move about more easily because of his wheelchair and our partner has a much stronger relationship with the local government thanks to the wheelchair program. Both lives and attitudes have been transformed because of a wheelchair. Your gift has not only made Van Phan’s story possible, but many, many more because of the program that gift was a part of. Thank you for your partnership.


Don Schoendorfer

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