It’s been a little chilly in Irvine the past couple days which seems like a good time to share a story that came about on a cold day a month or so ago. The weather was downright freezing and raining when seven-year-old Lilly Hurtt approached her mom with a request, “mom, I want to have a bake sale.”

Lilly’s mom, Molly, was a little hesitant at first knowing how much more goes into a bake sale than just the baking, but Lilly insisted, stirred to action by the chapel at her school featuring different charities every month during the school year. Seeing the determination in her daughter’s eyes and her eagerness to help people around the world by giving them mobility, Molly gave Lilly her blessing.

While Molly was away at work, Lilly got together with her aunt and grandmother and they set to work baking brownies and making fudge. Wrapping everything up in pretty baskets and bows, Lilly and Molly set out for Molly’s company Christmas party. In a matter of minutes the treats had been snatched up by eager coworkers who saw Lilly’s baked goods and the cause she wanted to support by selling them—in fact so many people had a heart to support her that they ended up just donating money without getting any of the treats in return asking only that Lilly return next year with more goods so they could enjoy them too!

Lilly and Molly hope to hold the sale again next year, and even get Lilly’s little brother on board as well. By the end of the sale Lilly had raised enough money to send two people wheelchairs of their very own in the developing world. What was a real treat for us around the office was that we had no idea any of this was going on until one day this arrived in the mail:

We just wanted to take a minute to highlight Lilly, and everyone who helped make her bake sale a success, to say thank you for helping give to people the gift of mobility (and for the very cute note)—Thanks, Lilly!


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