Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Every week I look forward to bringing you a story of how your partnership with us has transformed the life of someone in the developing world. This week one of Free Wheelchair Mission’s most ardent Ambassadors, Jeff Abbott, tells us about Victor and Feliz in Ecuador:

ImageWhile we were there we did a distribution for about 20 people. An elderly gentleman named Victor was brought to the event by a woman named Feliz. Feliz carried Victor everywhere by draping his arms across her shoulders and carrying him who knows how far. Not only was he unable to walk, but he was missing is right eye and was mostly blind. When Victor received his chair, he and Feliz were both noticeably overwhelmed. After the ceremony, he made his way to the microphone and began to sing to us. Though his frail voice would barely carry the tune, we were all touched by the genuine gratitude he was singing to us. Then he and Feliz sang a duet. “I have nothing to pay for this wheelchair with, but I can sing for you as a tribute,” Victor said. “I see you all as my grandchildren,” Feliz told the team, “and I want to live a long time so I can see you all again.” The love of our team for the Ecuadorean people was so evident during our visit that the recipients and their families were moved. What an honor to be used by God for such a noble purpose and mission of mercy.

Thank you, Jeff, for sharing that with us. I wish all of our supporters could have been there to hear Victor and Feliz sing because their gratitude was just as much for everyone behind the scenes as it was for our team on the ground. With the weekend upon us, the next time you hear a song play on the radio, please know that there is a very special song on the hearts of Victor and Feliz because of your generosity. Thank you for giving them their song.


Don Schoendorfer


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