For the past few years one of our biggest teams for the Run for Mobility has been a dedicated group of runners from Rancho Santa Margarita-based Applied Medical. In a time where the economy has been pretty tough, Applied Medical has remained committed to community outreach and supporting people outside the walls of their offices. They have an amazing group of runners who come out and make their miles matter year-in and year-out for Team Mobility—in fact this year’s team is the biggest yet! To date Applied Medical has been able to provide more than 500 wheelchairs through their Run for Mobility team—and they do much more than just run!

004Applied Medical is known for its raffles with great prizes (Clippers and USC prize packs, a new bicycle, a new TV, and even lunch specially prepared for a week by Applied Medical’s corporate chef!), as well as company charity luncheons and their dedicated group of individual fundraisers. One of the highlights for the entire staff was definitely when local Brownie Troop #1728 stopped by to hold a bake sale. Treats (think cake pops, brownies, cookies, and chocolate-covered pretzels—yum!) and hot apple cider sold for $1/each and people could buy raffle tickets for $5.

But at the heart of it all is their runners. So far this year Applied Medical has raised more than $10,000 giving almost 150 people the gift of mobility—with a few more fundraising events still to go! Something that always strikes us here around the FWM offices is the passion that Applied Medical’s staff has for running for Team Mobility.

Some of the Applied Medical Runners with FWM Founder and President Don Schoendorfer

Stephen Rousseau, an Applied Medical runner said, “running for my health, solitude, happiness, etc., had become simply blah-blah-blah… just a mundane routine…putting a real purpose behind it, as I did with Free Wheelchair Mission, really made a difference.”

“Being a two-time volunteer of Applied Medical’s Free Wheelchair Mission/ Surf City team has been a very rewarding experience.  It has given me the opportunity to meet, volunteer and train with team members from various departments…[as well as] the opportunity to give to a worthwhile charity organization AND to fellow Applied Medical employees…[running for FWM] helped give me that extra push to finally run a marathon, a goal I had put off for over 10 years,” said Don Martin.


Richard Kim added, “running for Free Wheelchair Mission has provided significance and direction to the effort runners put into preparing for the race…It is truly a cherished moment to cross the finish line and be able to say, ‘Today, I have run so that others may walk.’ It is a memorable and fulfilling opportunity I’ve had to pleasure to experience and a program I look forward to participating in every year.”

If you want to support Applied Medical’s team, you can check out their Run for Mobility page here! We love all of our Team Mobility runners and with Surf City coming up this weekend we wanted to take a moment and highlight a very special group of them. On behalf of Free Wheelchair Mission and the more than 500 people Applied Medical has helped lift into wheelchairs of their very own we want to say “thank you!” And of course, to all our runners participating in Surf City and beyond—thank you for making your miles matter!

Applied Medical

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