Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

At Free Wheelchair Mission we talk a lot about the dignity, independence, and hope that come with the gift of mobility—intangible gifts that accompany a tangible wheelchair. Sometimes these get overlooked but our story this week, from our partners ANERA in Hebron, West Bank, does a beautiful job painting what that hope can look like:

Tuffaha in her GEN_2Tuffaha, six, suffers from leg paralysis and intellectual disabilities due to complications during childbirth. While she underwent surgery and therapy to try and ease the paralysis, it is still very cumbersome for her to walk. Tuffaha and her family live in a dilapidated home shared with her grandparents southwest of Hebron. “Tuffaha loves to go to school,” her mother says, but getting there was extremely difficult. One of the employees at the PMRS clinic told us, “Tuffaha’s mother used to carry her to preschool and back every day…a year ago, we provided her with a walker, but it is extremely difficult and tiring for [Tuffaha to use]…This year, thanks to a donation from ANERA and Free Wheelchair Mission, we were able to give her a brand new wheelchair.” With the new wheelchair, Tuffaha’s mother can now get her to school much easier.

Tuffaha and siblings
Going to school means an education for Tuffaha—education means hope for a better tomorrow. Thanks to your support, Tuffaha has access to that education. As we go into the weekend when many children are off from school, please go knowing because of your generosity, Tuffaha can go to class on Monday. Thank you for making this possible.

God bless,

Don Schoendorfer


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