Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

For most of us, the idea of a road becoming impassible isn’t something we have to consider very often—especially not here in Southern California where highways are king and unpaved roads nearly unheard of, not to mention a relatively dry climate. But in many parts of Nicaragua, this is not the case. Our partners there relate this story to us:

Sometimes there is no access to Maykel’s community: Even though it is close to the outskirts of Managua, along the coast of Lake Managua, the roads are very rough and can become impassable for vehicles during bad weather. There are no schools nearby and, unable to walk on his own, even playing with friends was very difficult for Maykel. But there is hope. As you can see, there is a teacher that comes here and teaches several grades at Maykel’s family home to help bring the children education. And Maykel is smiling after his gift of a new wheelchair—now he can play with friends and make his way over rough roads much more easily thanks to the gift you’ve given him.

Even without rain, moving about was difficult for Maykel on account of the rough terrain. But a generous teacher is willing to make her way to his village to teach the children—and your generosity has made playing with his friends much easier for young Maykel. Thank you for giving him this gift.


Don Schoendorfer

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