Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

I love the fact that every week there is a new story to tell about the impact you are having around the world—about the global community of which you are a part. This week’s story comes to us compliments of Gerika Soria and Operation Blessing in the Philippines:

Nestled in the mountains of Antique is an old nipa hut, shadowed by a canopy of trees. It’s here where Josephine and her daughter make their home. She was born with congenital issues that make her legs weak and walking very difficult. Yet she and her daughter are blessed to be surrounded with generous relatives and neighbors who help provide for their basic needs. Excitement flooded Josephine’s face and laughter tinkled inside the small hut when Josephine found out she would be receiving a wheelchair. Even though she had never been able to take her daughter to school or pick her up afterward, now Josephine can be there to see her daughter graduate and pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

Make no mistake about it, you are a part of a community. Just as Josephine’s community helps provide for her basic needs, you are a part of an extended community, one that has provided mobility for Josephine. The cascade of joy that flooded across Josephine’s face when she found out she would receive a wheelchair? That was possible because you are a part of our community. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for filling Josephine’s home with smiles and laughter. Thank you for being a part of a community of giving.


Don Schoendorfer

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