Yes, you read the title correctly. Today we are privileged (and very much flattered) to tell you about a couple who decided to give part of their special day to FWM—Michele and Barry. In a way, Free Wheelchair Mission has played a small role in helping bring the two together: they met at our 2011 Magic of Mobility event. The two hit it off and in November  2012 they were married.

Wedding - copy

Barry, a friend of Don and Laurie Schoendorfer, has been a supporter of FWM for quite some time. Ever interested all things mobile (cars, motorcycles, alternative fuels), Barry loved seeing FWM give mobility to persons with physical challenges around the world. Michele also loves FWM saying, “[i]t is pretty exciting to think about having a lifelong impact on so many people that we will never actually meet.”

When they were wed, instead of traditional wedding gifts, they asked that people consider donating a wheelchair to Free Wheelchair Mission. Many of their guests loved the idea and as a result 25 wheelchairs were donated. In response to their guests overwhelming generosity Michele said afterward, “[w]e are honored by all of it.” On top of the 25 wheelchairs given by guests, Barry and Michele are matching those donations bringing the total number of people whose lives will be transformed through mobility to 50!

On a day when so much joy was being had at Michele and Barry’s wedding ceremony, that happiness was spread all around the world as 50 people were given the wheelchair they’ve been waiting for. All of us at Free Wheelchair Mission want to congratulate Barry and Michele on their marriage and, humbly, extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for selflessly offering their special day to be a special day for others around the world. We also want to thank all of their guests who generously gave so that our brothers and sisters could have the gift of mobility: thank you all so much!


One thought on “Ambassador Highlight: Marriage for Mobility

  1. Wow!!!!! What a wonderful story. I got to participate in this special event as Barry’s sister and as a bridesmaid, and it was very inspirational to see them give so generously to others. Their love and generosity touched many others, and perhaps the generosity will continue through new people who have now heard about Free Wheelchair Mission–what a fabulous outgrowth of their love story.


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