Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

As the Christmas holiday is less than one week away, I wanted to give you this story of lifted spirits and happy hearts from Ukraine as a gift—a gift of gratitude for your help in making this story a reality.Valentina's old Wheelchair

Valentina didn’t always need a wheelchair. In high school she was active in dance and art, and went on to study accounting in college. Unfortunately, during her junior year, she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. She began to lose her mobility and shortly after giving birth to her daughter, she lost her ability to Valentina in her new wheelchair!walk completely. For 30 years her old wheelchair was able to help keep her moving, but when it finally broke Valentina couldn’t afford to replace it. Her new FWM wheelchair has enabled Valentina to be more independent: she can now run errands, visit friends, sell the items she knits much more easily, and her daughter can spend more time focusing on her studies. Both Valentina’s independence and her spirits have been lifted thanks to this gift.

Near the capital of the region in which Valentina lives, there is the confluence of two major rivers in Ukraine. Similarly, Valentina’s story is a confluence as well—it’s a place where Valentina’s need for a wheelchair was met by your generosity. The result? This beautiful story. Thank you so much for making this possible.

Merry Christmas,

Don Schoendorfer


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