Shaun Phillips' Page at My Part

We’ve spoken in the past about Shaun Phillips, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, and how he’s an Ambassador for us. So far this season Shaun has racked up 7 sacks which means that so far he will donate $7,000 to FWM lifting almost 100 people into wheelchairs of their own. But Shaun’s lifetime goal is raise $1 million and we’ve partnered up with to help do just that!

So how do you help? Simple, you can help one click at a time. Head over to our page at and click on the offers listed below. That’s it. All of the offers listed on the page are free for you and every time you click on one a donation is made to Free Wheelchair Mission–Shaun’s goal with My Part is to raise an entire container of wheelchairs giving 550 people the gift of mobility, but we can’t do it without you. Be sure to spread the word and let people know how easy it is to partner with FWM and Shaun Phillips as we work together to give people around the world the wheelchair they desperately need!My Part


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