Some of you may remember Sara Pasterski from our Ambassador video that we made a few months ago (Sara is at about the 45 second mark):

She bakes cookies for mobility. And she dines for mobility. And she eBays for mobility. How does she do all that? So glad you asked. A few of you probably saw the photos that Sara posted to our Facebook page last week highlighting her monthly dinner club event that they dedicated to Free Wheelchair Mission this month. We got a chance to catch up with Sara to get a few more details about the event:

I’m part of a monthly dinner group of ladies, and we’ve always gone out to try new restaurants each month.  It was my turn to plan December’s dinner, and I decided to change things up a bit.  I asked if they would be interested in coming to my house instead, and I would prepare a big meal in exchange for their donation to my ambassador page, giving what they would normally spend dining out for our meal.  They loved the idea! 

The table is setA Beautiful Table Setting

I decorated a beautiful Christmas table and put out a spread of food and wine.  Their eyes were opened to the need for wheelchairs around the world and it really touched their hearts.  I shared the little book FWM had unexpectedly sent me last month, which worked out perfectly! 

Dining for Mobility!I got several donations of $15-$30, as I had asked for, but then one woman gave a full wheelchair, and another was so touched by FWM’s mission that she donated $500—my largest donation ever received! I was overwhelmed at God’s blessing on this seemingly little idea I had: so thankful I followed through with it!  

By the end of dinner more than $700 had been raised for FWM giving 10 people the wheelchair they’ve been waiting for! In fact, the event was such a hit that one of the attendees, Erica VanBoxel, wrote an article about it in Green Bay Press Gazette’s YOU Magazine. But that wasn’t the only way Sara saw she could support FWM:

On December 1st we went to the Big 10 Championship football game.  The tickets were these huge plastic things on a lanyard to wear.  When we got home I thought about giving them to my nephews to play with since they like football, but something told me to check eBay and see if people were maybe buying them as a collectible souvenir. Sure enough, one ticket was out there and going for $25, so I listed both of our tickets.  They sold for $67 So that became one more wheelchair donated! Working toward that $2000 fundraising goal to be entered in the Peru trip contest!

Two simple ideas—a dinner group and an eBay auction—that led to 11 people getting the lift of a lifetime.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much Sara, and the entire dinner group, for your support of Free Wheelchair Mission!


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