Greetings and happy Friday Monday! You might remember our Ambassador Highlight last week about Caroline and her fellow Brownies helping KV get a wheelchair–this is the rest of KV’s story!

As the Christmas season comes upon us, many will not only have the chance to receive gifts, but many will be blessed to give them as well. Our partners in India, Sathyam Ministries, send us the story of the gift you’ve given KV:

Mr. KV in IndiaKV is a fisherman living in a small village in Kerala. One day he was riding his cycle to the fish market when he got into an accident. He was taken to the hospital, but the accident left him paralyzed—he could no longer work and his wife had to support the family alone. He became deeply depressed seeing his wife work so hard without being able to help her.

Meanwhile, half a world away, Brownie Troop 6350 was raising money to help support wheelchairs for Free Wheelchair Mission. All told, they raised enough money to give 64 people the lift of a lifetime. And KV was one:

As you can see, KV is mobile again! He can move around on his own and work again. He is so grateful to Sathyam Ministries and Free Wheelchair Mission who gave him back his mobility.

When asked what she would say if she could be there when KV received his chair, one of the Brownies answered, “I hope you like your wheelchair and I hope you have a happy rest of your life.” Incredible stories like this can’t happen without your support. This holiday season, know that because of your gifts there are people all around the world getting the wheelchairs they need. Thank you.


Don Schoendorfer


One thought on “Monday Recap: Beautiful Gifts

  1. I wish my brownie troop in the 70s would have had the opportunity to do such wonderful work! Blessings and joy to everyone involved!

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