We love to see the individual enthusiasm of our Ambassadors as they pour their hearts into lifting others off of the ground and into a wheelchair—but when that one person’s love spreads to the people around them, it is truly something special to behold. And this was exactly the case with Caroline and her Brownie troop in Washington, DC. Caroline, and her mother Karen, are both very active supporters of FWM. Caroline heard about FWM while attending vacation Bible school at Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood and a family friend of theirs had gone on a trip to Peru with FWM last year. Stepping up for FWM was an easy decision for Caroline who said, “[FWM] was the first group I thought of when I wanted to give money to a service project,” during our Matching Gift campaign back in October.

Caroline started out by setting up a lemonade stand alongside her friends Ben and Camilla. When asked what one of the biggest things she learned was, Caroline said, “People are very generous. I was surprised how often people gave me more than $1 for a glass of my lemonade. Sometimes people gave me $5, $10 and even $20!” On its own, the lemonade stand  lifted 12 people into a wheelchair of their very own—$450 doubled to $900 thanks to our Matching Gift campaign that was going on at the time.

Encouraged by the success of the lemonade stand, Caroline took the idea to her Brownie troop who agreed that FWM was a pretty cool thing and decided to turn pages into wheelchairs by holding a read-a-thon. For the entire month of October the Troop read away. The Brownies raised money by getting friends and family to sponsor the pages they read. Events included book clubs, another lemonade stand, and a special visit from author Henry Cole, as well as setting up booths at their local church to help spread the word.

The kids have a special read aloud with Henry Cole!

By the time the read-a-thon was over, Caroline and her Troop had raised $3,015.57. Thanks to the Match it was doubled to $6,031.14: 84 lives had been transformed with the gift of a wheelchair! One of those people was KV (whose story will be featured this week in our Friday Story!) We wanted to extend our gratitude to Caroline, Karen, Troop 6350, and everyone else who helped make this story possible: thank you! Because of your generosity and enthusiasm 84 people who didn’t have a wheelchair before, do now.

84 Wheelchairs in all!

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