Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

The love of Cervando’s mother and sister is truly a blessing to behold. This week our story comes to us from some of our partners in Guatemala: the Order of Malta and AmeriCares.

Cervando & FamilyCervando was only recently able to see a doctor about the issues that had plagued him all his life. There it was determined that he suffered a brain injury at birth which prevented him from moving and developing like most children do. As a result Cervando has spent his whole life living with his sister, 60, and his 83-year-old mother on a total income of roughly US$3.25/day. Cervando’s ability to move around has depended upon the superhuman efforts of his mother and sister, who for years helped to move him between his bed and a small wooden chair. His new wheelchair will allow Cervando the ability to get outside in the sunshine, see the plants surrounding their small home, and even be able to tour through the streets of his small village. Not only will the wheelchair give Cervando the ability to explore the world around him, but it will also ease the burden his mother and sister have borne for so long.

As our partners write, Cervando’s mother and sister both undertook superhuman efforts to support their brother and son whom they so love. I think that word is perfect—life without mobility can be quite a challenge. Yet you have eased their burden, and you have given Cervando the mobility he’s been so long denied. Thank you for making this story possible.


Don Schoendorfer


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