Lili and donation box

Sometimes all it takes to transform a life is a love for others and the will to go out and ask people to pitch in. Lili, a girl from Maui, is a perfect example of wanting to see people lifted off the ground and setting out to make that happen. This story was sent to us by her mother Lindsay and some of our other ambassadors, John and Kim Schuck:

Lilinoe is a pretty normal 10-year-old who loves softball, rollerblading, and running around outside—and she has a loving heart. A few years ago at church she met a little girl who was visiting from the mainland. Her name was Mia and she was in a wheelchair. Mia and Lilinoe quickly

Lili and Mia 2

became friends.

This year Mia visited Maui for a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and her and Lili got to spend a lot of time together. Lili learned a lot about what it’s like to be in a wheelchair and also learned that it’s really hard for Mia to get around without her wheelchair.

The Sunday after Mia left, Lilinoe noticed a table the Schucks set up at her church with information about FWM. She learned about Free Wheelchair Mission and immediately wanted to give someone a wheelchair. Lili had been saving her allowances up for some time and decided that

out in the neighborhood

she would use that money to donate a wheelchair. But she wanted to do more.

She immediately took this on as a personal mission. As soon as we got home she set a goal of 5 wheelchairs$359.40. Using pictures from the brochure we got from FWM, Lili went door-to-door around the neighborhood with a donation box that said “Change for Change!” Donations poured in and in seven days she reached her goal. This was a great opportunity for a little kid with a big heart to do something to help others.

We hope that this story is as inspiring for you as it has been for all of us here at FWM. It’s amazing what Lili was able to do just by going around her neighborhood and asking neighbors to join her in lifting people off of the ground.

Thank you, Lili, for your hard work and for lifting 5 people into a wheelchair of their very own! We know that with friends like you at our side we can continue giving people the lift of a lifetime!


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