AyoubGreetings and happy Friday Monday!

There are many universal feelings parents have towards their children. You want to protect them, to love them—to be able to be there for them in any circumstance. When I got this story from Ayoub’s father in Morocco, I was humbled to read about what a wheelchair meant for this man, his son, and their family.

Ayoub, my five year old son, is blind and suffers from cerebral palsy which prevents him from walking or even sitting up independently…I don’t always know how to help him, but I do the best I can. At home, we were using what we could find to support him in sitting—usualAyoub with Wheelchairly a stroller that was too small for him. When we placed Ayoub in the FWM wheelchair for the first time, he lit up with a big smile! I can now feed him much more easily and his posture is greatly improved. I am so happy because in sitting he has a much better opportunity to hear and react to the world around him which he cannot see. We can now transport him more safely and take walks together, enjoying the sounds and smells of our countryside!

Without his sight, Ayoub is restricted to hearing, smelling, and touching things. Before his wheelchair, taking him out into the world to enjoy it was a difficult and dangerous prospect. Yet with his wheelchair Ayoub, his father, and their family can now go out and enjoy the world together. Thank you for making these cherished moments possible. Thank you for your support.


Don Schoendorfer

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