Some of you may remember a post we made about Anna and Sandy Spallino a few months ago highlighting their trip to El Salvador:

Anna has been busy since, continuing to bake cakes and transform lives with the gift of mobility. Today we wanted to follow up on that a bit and congratulate Anna on being named a South Bay Person of Distinction!

Daily Breeze People of Distinction winners Barbara Haney (Business), left, Anna Spallino (Youth), Janet Johnson (Volunteer), John Hernandez (Unsung Heroes), Mari Morales (Education), Carole Keen (Health & Wellness)–Photo credit: Jeff Gritchen – Staff Photographer for the Daily Breeze

When she was being interviewed about her nomination Anna said of her trip to El Salvador, “It was such a blessing to be able to see how people’s lives were changed…Some people had been in bed for years, or they had to be carried everywhere. When they were put in the chair some people started crying because they were so happy. It was an amazing experience.”

So far Anna has baked more than 100 cakes and transformed the lives of roughly 70 people around the world. Congrats on the award and thank you to Anna for all of her hours spent baking a change in the world, to her mom Sandy for her support of her daughter’s efforts, and to the Daily Breeze for recognizing some of the most outstanding people doing good in the South Bay!




If you’d like to help support Anna and Sandy as they bake their way to mobility, you can check out their fundraising page here!


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