Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Sometimes it’s hard to express just how amazing the gift a wheelchair is in the lives of disabled people living in the developing world. Gael’s story, I think, puts it quite well. This week our story comes from our partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, World Vision:

“Limping in the mud after rains here is always tough for me going to school in the morning,” says 15-year-old Gael. Other students refused to sit next to him in class during that time, he says, as they were worried he would make them dirty. On the day that he received a wheelchair, everyone rejoiced. “He will have a seat on a moving chair, like a king,” said Chantal, mother of Gael’s good friend. “Na furahi nayo sana (I’m deeply happy) to have this…Thank you to those who gave it to me,” Gael says, accepting the gift humbly. Now Gael gets on his wheelchair to go to school instead of his hands and knees.

I had never thought of it like Chantal says here: “he will have a seat on a moving chair, like a king.” It’s humbling to know how impactful each wheelchair is. Thanks to your generosity, this little prince now has a throne. He can have the dignity, independence, and hope he rightly deserves—and it’s because of you that’s possible. Thank you for your continued partnership with us.


Don Schoendorfer

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