Hello supporters!

The holiday season is upon us and as we get closer and closer to Christmas we wanted to let you know about a few ways that you can use this Christmas to not only give gifts to your loved ones, but give the gift of mobility to others too! All this week we will be highlighting different ways to give gifts outside the box this year and the first opportunity is a real gem (pun intended):

Blue Giraffe Boutique is a great place to buy things for her like earrings, bags, and bracelets amongst many others. Moms, friends, sisters, wives, significant others–whoever you need a gift for, Blue Giraffe has you covered.

And how does this help give people the gift of mobility? When you check out, be sure to enter the coupon code “FWCM10.” Every purchase made with the code “FWCM10” will get you a 10% discount on your order and 10% of your total purchase will be given to Free Wheelchair Mission to help support wheelchairs. If you want to learn more about Blue Giraffe and see some of the beautiful gifts they have available you can check out their website, like them on Facebook, watch them on YouTube, and pin them on Pinterest.

Happy shopping, be sure to check back tomorrow for another great way to give more than gifts this Christmas! Thanks!


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