Happy Friday! A couple of weeks ago we were blessed to have Francis and Adrienne (and their beautiful daughter Hannah) Mugwanya visit our offices all the way from Uganda. Francis is the founder and director of Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry, one of our distribution partners there. To date we have delivered 11,000 wheelchairs to Uganda and the Mugwanyas and Father’s Heart have played no small part in that effort: thank you, Francis and Adrienne!

We asked them to share a little bit about themselves now that they’ve made it back home and had a chance recoup from their trip:

Francis and Adrienne assemble GEN_1 wheelchairs.

Greetings from Uganda!  We’re all settled back in & happy to be here.

Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry exists to raise awareness and access for people with disabilities in Uganda.  We do that by partnering with churches throughout the country, providing both education & mobility.  We equip the local church to understand God’s good design even in disability, teach them how to minister to persons with disabilities, and provide mobility aids (generally wheelchairs) to people who need them. We share the love of God through giving mobility.  When someone is given mobility and shown this love, they are not only told about it, but they can see it, feel it…We are also changing their lives so that they can join their community and have the opportunity to go to school and church.  Instead of being hidden away, lonely and dirty, they are now included and have opportunities and dignity.

Wilber, one of the recipients of a wheelchair through Father’s Heart

Francis is particularly well-versed in what life is like being disabled and living in the developing world—when he was three years old he lost the ability to walk after a bout with polio:

I was forced to crawl on my hands and knees to get around:  I hated always being dirty. In Uganda people with disabilities are mocked and considered to be 2nd class or cursed.  I hated the names they called me and stayed close to home where I was safe… Some people did not think I was even worth educating since “cripples don’t amount to anything.” I am thankful that my parents loved me enough to decide that I could go to school…

Growing up I started to believe what everyone said about me.  I believed I was useless…then with my new wheelchair I began to go to church and my life dramatically changed! Today I am compelled to share the love of the Father with those who do not know Him yet…And I am compelled to give mobility to those who are right now still crawling in the dirt.  I cannot sit idly by, I must use whatever the Lord has given me to be a blessing to someone.  There are over 2.5 million people with disabilities in Uganda still living in the mud, still thinking they are cursed, still hopeless.  We have been given the wonderful opportunity of making a difference in their lives!

We are so grateful for the Mugwanyas, and all of our partners around the world, who are just as passionate as Francis and Adrienne about seeing people lifted off of the ground and into a wheelchair. Thank you to all of our partners, and thank you to all of our supporters as well.


2 thoughts on “Partner Highlight: Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for that good work. May the good Lord bless your work and enable you get more funds to cater for the many people with disabilities!

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