Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week saw our annual Matching Gift campaign come to a close with more than 11,000 people being gifted a wheelchair of their very own. On behalf of those individuals who will be given the gift of mobility, thank you for your generosity. I wanted to share with you what the impact of those wheelchairs looks like in the lives of many of our recipients. Meet Dunbar in Liberia:

“I was born 1975—all my parents have ever told me is that I was born with this condition. I find it very difficult getting around as you can see. To even just turn, I have to be fighting.” When asked if he had ever been given a wheelchair, Dunbar replied that people had brought some to give out before. However, because his condition made movement so difficult he couldn’t make the distribution. He was unable get one and he had never owned one before. But with FWM, that wasn’t an issue: he is so happy because the distribution team brought the wheelchair right to his house. Just that simple gesture showed him Christ’s love. When he was asked what he was going to do with his wheelchair, Dunbar said the first place he was going was the Church.

Because you are willing to join with us, people like Dunbar can have the gift of mobility. You make these gifts possible, and you show a love like one many have never seen before. Thank you for supporting Free Wheelchair Mission—thank you for loving others enough to give them such a gift.


Don Schoendorfer


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