Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

We often talk about the joy a wheelchair can bring to the recipient and their family. Today I want to share a story of that happiness with you from our partners, World Vision:

At 10 years-old, Nang’amba is a joyful person. But seeing her cousin Oscar unable to accompany their family was hard for her. “I was very excited the day you gave a wheelchair to my cousin. I used to feel bad that we had to leave him at home alone …” she says. Nang’amba loves pushing her cousin’s wheelchair whenever there is need: “I help him push the wheelchair…I love to…I feel good when he is with us wherever we go as a family, unlike before.” Oscar’s sister-in-law, Mary, pointed out the differences the wheelchair has made for his health: “it is amazing how Oscar’s life has changed. In the past he had sores on his knees because of crawling everyday but those sores have disappeared now.”

The effects of a wheelchair on someone’s life are varied. Mary tells us about the physical aid a wheelchair brings Oscar. This week I was especially touched by Nang’amba and how not only does she love to just push her cousin around in his wheelchair, but it brings her so much happiness to have Oscar able to join their family again—and I hope that some of her joy was passed to you, too. Thank you for making this story possible.


Don Schoendorfer


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