This last weekend was the Long Beach Marathon and Team Mobility was as busy as ever making their miles matter. In all there were 23 people running and 24 volunteers for Free Wheelchair Mission and their combined efforts, doubled because our Matching Gift campaign is running until October 31st, lifted 141 people into a wheelchair of their very own!

This year’s Long Beach Marathon proved to be a quite a day and we wanted to give you a few highlights:

Marina White, one of our Team Mobility runners and an FWM volunteer as well, earned a Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest woman to complete 100 marathon races! She started running marathons in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. Congratulations and thank you, Marina!

One of our staff, Kayleigh Bond, ran her first half-marathon in honor of FWM. We love to see our staff be involved with the mission outside the office: thank you, Kayleigh!

Our amazing ambassador Erin Tharp, and her family, completed the 5K race as members of Team Mobility. To date Erin has raised more than 200 people into a wheelchair thanks to her tireless service as an Ambassador for Mobility. Thank you, Erin!

THANK YOU to all of our amazing race participants and volunteers for giving their time and ability to help others—whether that meant riding in the bike tour, 5K, marathon, or half; all of you continue to inspire all of us here at Free Wheelchair Mission. Thank you for being a part of our team!

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If you’re interested in competing for more than a medal with Team Mobility, good news! The race season is just getting underway and there are still plenty of events coming up that you can be a part of including the Surf City Marathon, LA Marathon and Pittsburgh Marathon. But don’t think those are your only options–any race, anywhere can be run as part of Team Mobility. Please contact Ariel Rigney arigney[at]freewheelchairmission[dot]org for more information.


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