Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

I am always humbled by the stories of dedication that we receive from the field. Our partners are committed to getting wheelchairs wherever they need to go—the caretakers of our recipients are equally devoted to their friends and loved ones. Sheryl Ramsey of Zambia Mission sends us the story of Paul and Mibangu this week.

This is the story of one of the wheelchairs distributed after a six hour boat ride down the Zambezi. Mibangu and Paul were married in 1966. For many years, Mibangu worked alongside her husband in their maize fields in the sandy soil of Western Province, Zambia. But in 2009, Mibangu suffered a stroke that paralyzed her left side leaving her unable to walk. Paul became the primary caretaker of Mibangu and has carried her everywhere on his back for the past three years. He also bathes, feeds and cooks for his wife. Though Mibangu has difficulty smiling due to the paralysis, through a translator she was able to express her gratitude for the wheelchair: for the mobility it has given her and the relief it has provided for her husband as he cares for her.

Dedication: the dedication of our partners to transport wheelchairs six hours down the Zambezi River; the dedication of Paul to Mibangu as he takes care of her needs; and the dedication of you, our supporters, to lend a hand to people like Paul and Mibangu in giving them the wheelchairs they desperately need. Thank you for your dedication.


Don Schoendorfer


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