This last weekend marked the kickoff of the NFL regular season. There were a ton of great match-ups but the highlight for us around the office was watching the Chargers play the Raiders on Monday Night Football last night. Shaun Phillips (you can follow him on twitter), linebacker for the Chargers had a huge season opener tallying two sacks as the Chargers went on to win 22-14. Thanks to those two sacks, $2000 will be donated to Free Wheelchair Mission to give wheelchairs to people who need them–that’s 26 people who will get wheelchairs. AND, because of our Matching Gift going on right now, that number will be doubled to 55! Shaun is one of our Ambassadors, taking part in Team Mobility, as he tackles his way to his lifetime goal of raising $1 million. You can join Shaun by checking out his team page here!

No matter what NFL team you root for, we can all be on the same team when it comes to the global issues surrounding mobility. Thank you, Shaun, for all your hard work and thank you to all of our supporters as well.

Remember, The Match is going on until October 31st so any donations made or pledged between now and then will be doubled!


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