Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week our Friday Story comes to us all the way from Bangladesh compliments of our distribution partners there, Rotary International. To date we have more than 13,000 wheelchairs in Bangladesh and I am excited to show you just what that looks like. In a report from a recent distribution there they write:

Some recipients never dreamt they would get a wheelchair in their lifetime—especially with this distribution where we had people coming from some very remote areas and villages of Bangladesh. From what we can tell, along with the recipient there are, on an average, three other people who are also directly impacted by the gift of mobility.

Caretakers and family members are always very happy for the recipient. Thanks to the wheelchair, the recipient can now help support the household by seeking employment while the rest of the family is able to work more. Because of the gift of mobility the overall quality of life of the recipient, the family and the community all benefit.

Although each recipient receives only one wheelchair at any given distribution, the gift of mobility reaches far beyond just the recipient. Not only are recipients able to gain opportunities at education, employment and engagement, their families and caretakers are able to take part in those gains too. Please know that with every wheelchair you make possible, you not only make a difference in the life of the recipient—you make a difference in their families and their communities as well. Thank you for making a difference.


Don Schoendorfer


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