Due to the Labor Day holiday our Monday recap is a little late this week–sorry!

Greetings and happy Friday Monday Tuesday!

So often it is many people working together that makes a difference in the life of each wheelchair recipient we are able to serve—this week’s Friday story is another example of success through collaboration. Our friend Wendi Hammond with Project Glory sends us this story straight from Swaziland:

The project coordinator John has been working for a year, with no formal training, using his own cell phone and precious “air time” as well as spending his own money to take a taxi to a remote area to meet with potential recipients. As John and I were climbing around in the container filled with wheelchairs he kept saying over and over, “God is so good, we are so blessed, thank you so much.” Pictured are the three recipients of the first chairs (with the tribal chief there to share in the celebration). Over the next few months John and his team will be assembling and distributing the rest of the container. On behalf of The Luke Commission and Shiselweni Home-Based Care: thank you, thank you, thank you for your commitment to people with disabilities in the developing world, including our friends in Swaziland.

So many people come together to make every FWM wheelchair a reality. In this case John, The Luke Commission, and Shiselweni Home-Based Care; Wendi Hammond and Project Glory; and you. As you get ready for the weekend, please take this story with you—and know that it wouldn’t have happened without you.


Don Schoendorfer


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