Free Wheelchair Mission’s donors Sandy Spallino and her daughter Anna have been actively fundraising for FWM since late 2010. They originally heard about us in 2009 and decided that the work we do is amazing and that they wanted to be part of transforming the lives of people across the world with the gift of mobility. One way the family raises money for wheelchairs is 16 year old Anna bakes homemade cakes (think tropical coconut…yummy) and sells them to neighbors and friends with the proceeds coming to FWM. For $30 purchasers of the cakes get a delicious dessert and are helping to raise funds for wheelchairs. It truly is a win-win for everyone. In two years, Anna has made almost 100 cakes.

This past July, Sandy and Anna had the great opportunity to go on a wheelchair distribution trip with six other FWM donors to El Salvador. During their trip Sandy and Anna took over five hours of video footage, helping to document their journey and all of the wonderful people they met along their way. Thanks to their friend Max Allen, a high school senior at Palos Verdes High, and family friend, the Spallino’s footage turned into a wonderful video presentation of their amazing trip.

Thank you to Sandy and Anna Spallino and Max Allen for making this video a reality. Thank you also for being a wonderful example of FWM’s Ambassadors who are truly making an impact across the globe! To see more of Max Allen’s work please visit his webpage at


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