Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week I want to tell you a story of love and compassion that takes place in India—that you’ve played a pivotal part in no matter where you are. This story comes from our partners in India, Sathyam Ministries. Please meet Laxmi:

Laxmi is from Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India. Her family was quite large including her son, daughter-in-law and two grand children. Although her husband passed away when her child was still young, Laxmi worked hard to ensure that he received a quality education. Unfortunately as Laxmi began to age even walking or just standing up became difficult and quite painful. Everyone in the family thought the difficulty was just a part of her aging. One day, her son took her to the hospital to have her treated for fatigue. When the diagnosis came back the doctors told him that Laxmi was suffering not from fatigue, but from a more serious illness. When her son heard this he was shocked and asked the doctor if there was any treatment they could pursue.

Laxmi’s son did the best he could to get his mother’s illness treated—unfortunately the treatments proved to be far more expensive than he could afford. Her physical condition continued to deteriorate and eventually Laxmi was completely bedridden. It’s hard for Laxmi to stay at home all day: she feels lonely in her bed while her son is at work, grand children are at school and daughter-in-law is occupied taking care of things around the home. Her son wanted to at least get his mother a wheelchair so she could move around a little bit, but even that was too expensive.

One day as the children came back from school, they noticed a poster regarding a free wheelchair distribution at Sathyam Ministries. They were so happy and rushed home to tell their father about the good news. The next day he went to Sathyam Ministries and told them about the current situation of his lovely mother. He submitted all the required documents and received a wheelchair for Laxmi. Now Laxmi can move around the house and neighborhood—she was finally free from her loneliness. Laxmi and her family members were extremely happy and thankful to Sathyam Ministries and Free Wheelchair Mission for making this possible.

Laxmi’s family never gave up. Even when it seemed that there was nothing they could do to help ease her burden, Laxmi’s family kept looking for ways that they could help. Thanks to the efforts of our partners, Sathyam Ministries, Laxmi is now able to go out on her own and enjoy the interaction that had been taken away from her along with her mobility. Thanks to your support, all of this was made possible. From Laxmi, Sathyam Ministries, and all of our recipients worldwide—thank you.

Don Schoendorfer


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