Back in April a parishioner at Christ Episcopal Church in Redondo Beach, California had an idea to hold a rummage sale to benefit a charity during the Pentecost season. It was decided that the proceeds of the sale would be donated to give the gift of mobility through Free Wheelchair Mission.

The church’s rector appointed Kathy Weiss to serve as the chairperson of this very special ministry. Parishioners, their family members and friends were asked to go through their closets and homes and find no-longer-needed, gently-used items to donate for the sale. With the help of many volunteers, the sale and the refreshment stand (designated to also benefit FWM) was held in July and was a great success! They raised enough funds to provide 42 wheelchairs to people in desperate need of mobility!

Thank you to Kathy Weiss and especially Christ Episcopal Church for your hard work and generosity!

One thought on “Ambassador Highlight: Rummaging all the way to 42 Wheelchairs!

  1. Hello, i’m Andrew from uganda East Africa. Uganda is one of the beneficialy of the 550 wheel chairs,on behalf of my uganda community i w’d like to thank you for your donation to the disabled.
    We are great for your help,iknow it will make achange in our lives. May the lord reward you.

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