Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

One of our staff, Mike Kenyon, returned couple of weeks ago from a trip to Viet Nam. There he assisted in the distribution of wheelchairs with our local partners St. Andrew’s Church (Newport Beach, CA), Carlsbad Community Church, and Converge Church along with our partner in Viet Nam, Pastor Vu. While the team was there they distributed some 450 wheelchairs and since their return the remaining 100 wheelchairs from the container have been given out as well. It’s truly amazing to see needs fulfilled. It remains our goal to see to it that people who need wheelchairs continue to receive them. I wanted to give Mike a chance to relate some of the highlights of the trip with this week’s Friday Story, so I’ll let him take it from here:

We gave away 450 wheelchairs in 6 days, but there was one distribution in particular that really hit me. That day’s distribution took place at the community center in Tra Vinh. We had 50 wheelchairs to give out, but as the recipients began to arrive a couple of people stood out to me—a mother and son. As we learned more about them, we found out that the mother was a single mom with three children. Yao, her son, is now 27 and much taller than she is. However, he has been unable to use his legs since birth due to a congenital issue—from the day Yao was born until a couple of weeks ago, his mother literally had to carry him everywhere. And for 27 years she has done so, every day. But that morning, from their home to the community center, would be the last time she would have to.

It was awesome to show them how much Jesus loves them and that this gift of a wheelchair was from the Lord. The best part was seeing the relief and joy of Yao’s mother—literally a huge burden had been lifted off of her back and she was overwhelmed by joy for her son! Yao settled right into his new wheelchair, excited about the prospects mobility would bring with it.

Any time our staff is involved in a distribution, it serves as an energizer for all of us here at the office—a beautiful reminder of why we’re here and what we get to play a part in. With these Friday stories it is my hope that we can pass that encouragement along to you. As you go into your weekend, please take this story of joy with you—and know that it wouldn’t have happened without you.


Don Schoendorfer


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