Dear Friends and supporters of Free Wheelchair Mission,

Thank you! As Founder and President of Free Wheelchair Mission it is my privilege to tell you that because of your generosity of raising $1,010,899 at the 9th Annual Magic of Mobility gala 15,810 people will soon be receiving a brand new wheelchair.

We are delighted so many people were able to enjoy the cuisine and camaraderie, the art and auction, and meet our recipient and friend, Fabio Calderon Bolanos. His story stands as just one example of the difference a wheelchair can make in someone’s life. A difference that is possible only because our supporters are willing to step out and partner with us in our mission.

Attendees received a Caña Flecha bracelet last night that we hope reminds them of the fun that was had—but even more so of the man, Fabio, whose life our supporters have played an invaluable part in along with the 15,810 transformed lives on the horizon. We hope each Caña Flecha becomes a tool to spread the word about Free Wheelchair Mission and the global issues surrounding mobility.

To Ana Maria Borda, Maria Emilia and Fabio Calderon Bolanos, thank you for taking the time to come all the way here from Colombia to share your story with all of us. To our Board of Directors whose leadership continues to guide our organization towards bigger and better things, thank you. To our ambassadors who take time out of their schedules to make Free Wheelchair Mission a priority, thank you. To the staff, volunteers and sponsors who made last night possible, thank you.

And, on behalf of the more than 648,000 wheelchair recipients in 86 countries worldwide and 15,810 soon-to-be wheelchair recipients, I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to all of you: our attendees, sponsors and supporters, whether you could make it last night or not, who made each and every one of those wheelchairs possible. Again, thank you.

Don Schoendorfer

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4 thoughts on “9th Annual Magic of Mobility: Amazing as Ever

  1. Mulondo Andrew from Uganda.
    Thank you so much for your support Uganda happens to be the beneficialy of 550 wheel chais. Fwc thank you for your generosity.
    How can i be part of this great organisation? i whant to become a member.

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