We just received another update from Whitney about her time in Viet Nam–the classes went really well and the men and women who were trained have been able to not only implement what they learned, but pass it on to others as well! Whitney writes:

Greetings from Viet Nam!

What a week it has been.  It’s amazing how quickly the students became the teachers here in Viet Nam.  We spent 3 days in class sessions, and then headed off for distribution.  The distribution involved these trained distributors teaching the things we had taught them to several sub-distributors.  It truly was a miracle to watch this all come to life.  These men and women took this so seriously and didn’t miss a beat.  Everything from pressure relief to exercises and transfers, as well as maintenance for the the wheelchair, they got it.  They really got it.

We tested their knowledge with an exam and they all passed with flying colors.  Most missed just one or two questions and a few got 100%!   We got some really great feedback about how much this meant to the group to know we wanted to come and invest in them.

We celebrated with a grand lunch and ceremony complete with T-Shirts and certificates.  And of course we did Karaoke as well!

This would not have been possible without APU and Giving it Back to Kids and all of you for your support and prayers in this.



We are truly excited to watch this generation of partners and ambassadors as they take their new training and put it to use in the field. Please keep our team in your thoughts and prayers as they are on their way back Stateside as we type this. We want to thank all of the students who took the time and put in the effort to grow their knowledge of disability, mobility aids, and Free Wheelchair Mission. We also want to thank our partners, APU and Giving it Back to Kids for making this program a reality–as well as all of you for having faith in us, our mission and that there will be a day when the more than 100 million people who need a wheelchair but don’t have the means to get one, receive one. Thank you.


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