Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week I wanted to share a story with you from El Salvador where our partner, Operation Blessing, recently distributed wheelchairs. I am especially happy to bring you the story of Cleotilde. Operation Blessing writes:

Grandmothers are like super moms: they take care of their families, even the smallest cuts and scrapes. We can never stop thanking them for all the joy they provide their families for so many years—many times at the expense of their own comfort. Out of gratitude we should be willing to help them when they need it for all the times they helped us.

Yet not all grandmothers can count on this help—many are simply left to oblivion. Cleotilde is one of the lucky ones. As a grandmother, she is very happy despite all the difficulties and sorrows that have pained her life. She needs help from her family to move around because she can’t walk alone. Although her family wanted desperately to help her, there was no way for them to afford the wheelchair she needed.

In her prayers, Cleotilde spoke of her need for a wheelchair. God heard her prayers—one day a neighbor told her about Operation Blessing and all they do for those in need. Not too long after, Cleotilde was selected to receive a wheelchair. “I feel very happy and grateful to God, who has commanded the world to help those most in need,” says Cleotilde. Thanks to CBN/OB and Free Wheelchair Mission, Dona Cleotilde is often seen sitting under a mango tree in her backyard—able to get there all on her own.

I love the image of Cleotilde sitting in the shade of a mango tree—ever grateful for the gift of a wheelchair: the wheelchair you made possible. For Operation Blessing, Cleotilde and all of our partners and recipients worldwide, thank you for helping yet another recipient’s prayers get answered.


Don Schoendorfer


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