One of our very own staff, Whitney, who is our Manager of International Operations, is in Vietnam right now with a team from Azusa Pacific University to distribute some wheelchairs. Not only that, but the team is also there to help empower our distribution partners in Vietnam to be the leading voices in their country about the global issue of disability and be experts on the hows and whys of a wheelchair and the impact it can have on the life of the recipient.

Whitney writes:

Hello from Vietnam,

I should be sleeping now, but I am just so excited and energized about everything that is happening here, it is hard from me to unwind without sharing this excitement with you all. We have been working long hard days, but it has been so worth it. 

All of these partners together in one room has been inspiring.  They are truly dedicated to this work and want to do a better job.  They are attentive and asking questions and sharing their experiences. Steve and Angelica from APU have been perfect…[and] the GIBTK staff has gone above and beyond. I often find my self getting choked up, I can’t believe this is actually happening, we’re really doing it.  We’re taking partners to a whole new level, and they’re actually on board!   God truly is in charge here and I have felt the power of your prayers.

Tomorrow we’ll have a practical exam with wheelchair recipients.  Here’s hoping that these trainers are ready to apply what they’ve learned.  Please pray for them, they are learning a lot in a short amount of time.



We are looking forward to seeing the impact Whitney and the APU team have during their time in Vietnam, as well as the impact our partners will have with an even more in-depth training to draw from. Thanks also to Giving it Back to Kids for all of the support they have given our team on the ground. Thank you to all of you for your continued support of Free Wheelchair Mission as well!

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PS–if you haven’t yet be sure to vote for us in the 2012 CLASSY Awards for Health and Well being and 2012 Charity of the Year!

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