We are extremely excited and humbled to announce that we have been selected as a finalist in the West Region of the 2012 CLASSY Awards in the category of Health and Well Being and for the 2012 Charity of the Year award!

The CLASSIES are the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the US and regional finalists were selected from a pool of more than 2,400 nominees. Between now and July 26 voting will be open to the public to help select the finalist from each region for each category. The public vote counts for 50% of each nominee’s score, a panel of past winners accounts for the other half. In other words: WE NEED YOU TO VOTE! You can vote here and voting is open until 11:59PM on July 26, 2012. Regional winners will be announced on July 31st.

All of you are awesome–thanks for your support and taking the time to vote for us!


2 thoughts on “FWM Named Regional Finalist for TWO CLASSY Awards!

  1. This is an awesome cause! A friend spent time in Honduras, I think, about a year ago helping to assemble and distribute them. His group got some awesome photos. I also saw them promoted at Roger’s Gardens. Blessings to this group. What an honor to be nominated, hope you win!

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