We had an awesome article sent to us from World Vision – DRC this last week about a distribution of 100 GEN_2 wheelchairs as part of the their observance of the International Day of the African Child, remembered each year on June 16 in memory of the children killed during the 1976 Soweto Uprising. (The original article is in French, so we’ve provided a brief summary in translation here for you–if you’d like the full article you can click the link above and use the translator of your choice.)

In honor of June 16 World Vision-DRC held a ceremony that brought together more than 3000 kids living with disabilities from Kinshasa and the surrounding area. Events of the day included keynote speeches from several high-ranking members of the DRC’s national government and administrators from WV-DRC.

The National Director for World Vision, Robert Kisyula, said, “Children living with disabilities represent some of the most vulnerable people living in our society. We are here because we believe in these children and we want reaffirm our commitment to them being able to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Minister of Gender, Family and Children, Mme Géneviève Inagosi, voiced her continued support of measures throughout the DRC to protect and empower the nation’s population of children living with disability. “Although the world is struggling through the current economic struggle, our government remains committed to the road map it’s put in place to ensure the well being of our population–in which both woman and child play some of the most vital roles.” Mme Inagosi also promised to pursue ratification of the UN-Enable “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (CRPD) by the Congolese national government.

The day culminated in the distribution of gifts to the kids present including notebooks, clothes, backpacks and 100 GEN_2 wheelchairs! An awesome day for disability awareness as well as mobility–thank you to World Vision, Director Kisyula and Mme Inagosi for their continued commitment to awareness and support of people living with disability in the DRC! Thank you to all of you, our supporters, as well for making the gift of mobility possible!


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