Hello all and happy Monday–here is your recap from last Friday!

Dear friends,

The weather is starting to warm up for the summer here in southern California which means that our Magic of Mobility gala event is almost upon us. We would love to see you there to enjoy the food, companionship and excitement of the evening—including a live auction to send an entire container of wheelchairs to our brothers and sisters in the developing world. The highlight will be meeting one of our wheelchair recipients, Fabio Bolanos, who will be joining us all the way from Colombia. Fabio is an amazing young man with an inspiring story that I’d like to introduce you to with today’s Friday Story.

Fabio was born in La Peña, a small town near Bogotá, where he lived with his father, mother, and brother. Both he and his brother are disabled from complications related to Polio. Fabio has limited mobility, and while able to stand and walk a bit, he does so with great difficulty and pain. About four years ago, he

was desperate to get access to educational resources in Chía and with much difficulty made his way there where he now resides with his aunt and uncle. Fabio spends his time learning as much as he can. He attends a center for the disabled where he studies some of his passions—music, the arts and theatre. On top of having performed in some plays the center has presented, he especially enjoys playing the xylophone. Because of his disability and access to school, Fabio was only able to attend through the fourth grade. Although education is readily available in Chía, the local government has yet to authorize bus service for the school.

Still, he eagerly awaits the Mayor’s approval for bus service so that he can resume his formal studies and graduate.

This young man has a desire to learn and grow that simply doesn’t allow him to sit still. Through the gift of a wheelchair, Fabio no longer has to.

He’s excited to be coming here to meet some of the people who made mobility a reality for him and we would love for you to be a part of it. It’s my hope that meeting Fabio in person, seeing his smile and feeling his renewed sense of hope and gratitude, you will also experience what an amazing man he truly is.



Don Schoendorfer


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