When we speak to others about the issue of immobility, we mention conflict as one of the top reasons why people in the developing world are forced to struggle with it. That can take on many faces from combatants wounded while fighting to people injured by implements left when the conflict is over. This story serves as another example of conflict taking away someone’s mobility—and having it restored.

Recently there has been a lot of attention surrounding the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. The LRA is a rebel militant group operating in central Africa that stands accused of myriad counts of human rights violations, war crimes and atrocities. The conflict in northern Uganda is indeed very complex and the victims of the LRA’s crimes span all ages and genders. Yet out of that conflict there are still stories of hope—we want you to meet Akongo.

Akongo was stricken with polio at age two and it left her unable to walk. In the 1990s she had a wheelchair that lasted 6 years, but it was destroyed when LRA rebels attacked her village and razed the entire village–including her wheelchair. Akongo, who had been given mobility after her bout with polio, suddenly had it again torn from her.

Now, through the efforts of Free Wheelchair Mission, Akongo has a new GEN_2 wheelchair. She will be able to go to church and visit her friends instead of being forced to stay home all the time. She believes that only God could have provided her with the blessing of a wheelchair, and He was the one who gave it to her.

We are blessed to see that Akongo is blessed by her new wheelchair. Out of the ashes of the LRA attack, Akongo’s mobility–her hope and opportunity–has been restored. But we know the work is far from over–and we thank you for being willing to join with us and see it through.


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