Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Our distribution partners Sathyam Ministries just sent us this touching story all the way from southern India. They write:

Kamalam is a lovely mother who worked hard to take care of her children after her husband passed away many years ago. As a single mother taking care of two kids and her mother-in-law, she worked as a day-labourer at a local construction site. Although the work was very demanding, she wanted to provide food for her family as well as a quality education for her children.

Her children were able to get a good education and find jobs of their own, but the years of hard labor took their toll on Kamalam. Eventually her back was so weak she couldn’t move any longer. At this stage she thought her children would be able to take her in, but they weren’t ready to do so and placed her in a nursing home instead. Removed from her own home and feeling abandoned by her children, Kamalam started to suffer not only physically, but mentally as well. Depression set in.

But the people in the nursing home loved Kamalam and helped her get counseling for her depression. A visitor to the home told the managers about Sathyam Ministries’ provision of free wheelchairs. Upon hearing Kamalam’s story, the people at Sathyam were shocked and immediately provided Kamalam with a wheelchair. The smile returned to Kamalam’s face and she was so thankful for Sathyam Ministries and Free Wheelchair Mission for the love they showed her through the wheelchair. Now she can socialize with her housemates, visit friends and water plants in the garden.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about Kamalam being left alone by her children—and yet a family sprang up that Kamalam never knew she had before to show the love that she was yearning for. You are a part of that family. You helped heal the brokenness that Kamalam felt. You helped bring a smile back to her face. Thank you.


Don Schoendorfer


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