When life gives seven year-old Beckley and four year-old Elle lemons, they make lemonade—and then sell it to help raise money and give others the gift of mobility. Their Auntie Lauren has been showing them Free Wheelchair Mission videos since they were born and every year for the past three years Beckley and Elle have set up a lemonade stand to raise money for wheelchairs. This year Beckley invited his new four month-old cousin, Brinkley to join in. Beckley loves to tell people about the wheelchair while he pours the each customer their lemonade. Sometimes he will even take a sip from their cup to make it sure it’s just right before they drink it. The trio has been met with success raising almost two wheelchairs from their sales!

We love to see our ambassadors—big and small, young and young-at-heart—take a passion for mobility and mix it with creativity (and in this case lemons, sugar and water too) to come up with fun ways to help transform lives with the gift of mobility. Thanks to Beckley, Elle and Brinkley for their hard work to help support us and to all of you as well! Thank you!

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One thought on “Ambassador Highlight: A Refreshing Story!

  1. I love my little Hawaiians.. raising money for a great cause.. and my little love of my life Brinkley. This will be her first of many things she will do for FWM

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