Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

Here at home and around the world we’ve recently been witness to an economic downturn that has forced everyone to cut back. While we’ve all had to scale down our resources as a result, imagine having your entire occupation taken away because of a sudden loss of mobility. Imagine one day you had a job, were able to provide food and housing for your loved ones—and the next all of that is gone along with your ability to move around freely. This is exactly the story of Pablo, sent to us by our partners, FEDES and Habitat for Humanity, in Lo Espejo, Chile:

Pablo, 35 years old: Multiple fractures in his leg and operations for serious burns on it. He is the father of 3 young children and the accident made him unable to work at his job. He still has one year of rehabilitation before he can use his leg again. They had to move in with his in-laws who are also in very desperate straits economically, and the children are beginning to show signs of malnutrition. They were so thankful for the wheelchair.

With his mobility restored and his relatives banding together, there is hope for a better tomorrow for Pablo and his family. Although he cannot walk, with a wheelchair he can move about, giving him an opportunity to help bring income to his household as he recovers from his accident. While the road ahead is still long, it will be much easier to make his way down it with a wheelchair to help. And all of this is possible because of your faithful support of Free Wheelchair Mission. Thank you.


Don Schoendorfer


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