You guys have asked us to share more stories of people helping to raise awareness and lives with FWM so we wanted to share another one with you today! A few months ago we received an update from some of our ambassadors in Florida, Ann Scalese and Discover Mobility.

Thank you Discover Church and the children of their 2011 Summer Bible Camp K-5 for the inspiration to undertake this mission. “Discover Mobility” took on a very ambitious goal of raising $10,000 to help our brothers and sisters who are disabled in undeveloped nations…and have just hit $9,800! Through lots of connections and always talking about Free Wheelchair Mission, this team has truly raised one wheelchair at a time. This spring, Ann and her team hosted a wine tasting fundraiser for friends and family. That event alone raised $2,100 – – over 32 lives!  Discover Mobility plans to keep fundraising and hoping that a golf tournament is next.

To date Ann and Discover Mobility have raised over 150 people up off the ground. You can support her team at: Thank you so much to Ann and Discover Mobility for their unwavering support of Free Wheelchair Mission–and to all of you as well!

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