May 25, 2012

Greetings and happy Friday Monday Tuesday! (Sorry we’re late, we were out of the office for Memorial Day.)

It is easy to look at a recipient story and be amazed by how transformed a life is when a wheelchair becomes a part of it. The impact on the recipient is immediate and touching, but the gift of mobility can affect many lives alongside the recipient’s. This story from our distribution partner, Hillsong Africa Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa, is a great reminder of how the gift if mobility often extends hope and relief beyond those receiving the wheelchair:

Mr. Assan Salie is 42 and lives with his wife in Ottery. Mr. Salie broke his hip and elbow in an accident recently and has been confined to bed. He is involved in a drawn out recovery process. The chair will enable him to keep up his community involvement and aid in the rehabilitation process. The photo was taken with his wife as he was confined to his bed.

Though obtaining a wheelchair often seems an obvious solution to the issues associated with immobility, more often than not it is either unavailable or far too expensive for those in developing countries. Without a wheelchair, Mr. Salie was completely reliant upon his wife to do everything for him: shopping, visiting friends, working, even going to the bathroom—they were all impossible for him to do himself. When Mrs. Salie returned with a wheelchair, she brought with her hope and a world made again within reach to her husband.

As you’ve supported us and continue to support us, I want to thank you not only on behalf of the recipients around the world, but also on behalf of their families, their friends and their communities because with your support you uplift them all. Thank you.


Don Schoendorfer


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