A few weeks ago we had mentioned that some people in Missouri were hosting a trivia night (see St. Louis, MObility). We just heard back from Jim & Jennifer Biggs, the hosts, and the night was a HUGE success! They sent us a quick story on how their annual trivia night came to be:

When Jennifer and Jim Biggs heard about Free Wheelchair Mission, they were amazed at the possibility of helping people around the world with the gift of mobility.  They personally understand how being mobile is so important for freedom and independence to everyone in a family with a disabled loved-one. The trivia night parties are very popular around their community, yet this is one of the only one’s that rewards a charitable cause. 

This year alone they were able to lift more than 65 people off the ground and to date over 200 lives have been changed thanks to their event! They are an incredible example of the impact just a couple of people can make in the lives of others. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Jennifer and Jim as well as everyone who attended in making this trivia night a success: THANK YOU!

If you’ve got an Ambassador story you’d like to share or want to become an Ambassador for Mobility, head to our Ambassador tab for more information!

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