Great story from Uganda in this week’s Monday Recap. Check it out!

Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

I recently received an email from one of our distribution partners in Uganda, Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry, about a boy named Wilber. He is a very cute child and has a great story of the impact a wheelchair can make in the life of a family.

Wilber has cerebral palsy as a result of malaria contracted at the age of 1 month. He is a very sociable little boy and is able to see, hear and speak some words…but his lower limbs have been quite badly affected.

Wilber lives with his great grandparents, his stepsister and an uncle who is still in secondary school. His father lives locally working as a boda [taxi] driver, but he never sees his mother because she is ashamed of him. Until Wilber received the wheelchair from Father`s Heart Ministry, it was very difficult for him to go anywhere with his family. Now 6 years old, he is getting rather heavy to be carried on his grandmother’s back. Since getting his own set of wheels, Wilber is able to attend church and go other places with his family. He is also learning to ‘drive’ it himself. Thankfully the wheelchair has big, sturdy wheels as where Wilber lives there is no tarmac, just very bumpy dirt tracks.

Both Wilber and his family are very grateful for the wheelchair which has given him the freedom to move around without breaking his Grandmother`s back! New Hope Uganda Special Needs Programme wants to say a very big thank you to the Father`s Heart Ministry for all the wheelchairs that we have received and for coming and spending a very special day with us.

I love to hear the stories of people’s lives being transformed: they serve as a constant reminder of why Free Wheelchair Mission exists. Thank you so much for being a part our mission. Thank you for making the gift of mobility possible.


Don Schoendorfer


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