Good morning and happy Monday! Here is your recap of the Friday Story from last week!

Greetings and happy Friday!

Although some of my favorite stories to share with you are about wheelchair recipients, today I wanted to highlight one of the unsung heroes of the distribution process: our distribution partners. Just this week I received a letter from Henry S, one of our newest distribution partners, who works in Morocco:

I have been working on the wheelchair project with local organizations and the Moroccan Red Crescent. While I wanted to give you a flavor of the nature of doing business in the developing world, I’m going to fast track through the process…Suffice it to say, unexpected things happen often—and on the docks of Casablanca, one must be ready to roll with the punches…

Mustafa delivered the container to Taroudant on Thursday without incident and a team of six laborers unloaded the contents of the container into the storage facility. The container, including 1,204 boxes, weighs over 11,600 kilos…prior to opening the container, my mind had not registered the fact that 550 wheelchairs is a LOT! On Sunday I went to the facility to put together my first wheelchair. FWM provides both a graphic assembly manual and online video on safe and proper assembly—they do a good job with this, since I was able to do it correctly the very first time! This week we will…further plan the distribution of the wheelchairs. Thanks for your patience – but even more so for your support!

The joy on our recipients’ faces when they receive a wheelchair is unparalleled, but it’s always sweeter knowing that everyone who pitches in along the way is as excited about giving mobility as the people receiving it. I hope that this story has made your Friday brighter—it certainly has mine. Thank you so much for being a part of our mission!


Don Schoendorfer


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